TRAPEZOID Memodyn Fixation For 4 Corner Wrist Fusion

The TRAPEZOID MEMODYN is a specially shaped MEMODYN that provides dynamic compression of all four bones during a Four Corner Wrist Fusion.

The specially designed MEMODYN is simple to implant, low profile and provides dynamic compression compared to "static" compression of a plate system.

Surgery Technique:

  1. Temporary fixation or placement of hamate, capitate, triquetrum and lunate, with proper joystick/kwire of lunate into position.
  2. Using the Trapezoid Memodyn Drill Guide, drill 1.5 mm holes into each bone.
  3. Implant the Trapezoid Memodyn only half way into each hole. This will allow the surgeon to impact bonegraft through the open top of the Memodyn before compressing the Memodyn into place.
  4. Firmly push the Trapezoid Memodyn flush to each bone surface.
  5. Remove temporary fixation.

Advantages over a Plate System:

  • Simple implantation technique
  • Dynamic compression eliminates "backing out"
  • Dynamic compression compared to "static" compression of a plate system
  • Low profile, no rasping or milling out of bone required
  • Trapezoid design allows simple drilling implantation of Memodyn into all 4 bones eliminating placement into joint space
  • Nitinol shape memory alloy Memodyn provides for dynamic and permanent compression
  • at fusion site, pulling all 4 bones together
  • Compression force 7-8 lbs.