ARTHROSCOPY LEG HOLDERS (Manufactured By Ruf Medizintechnik)

RLH 630 Arthroscopy Leg Holder (TELOS)

The RLH 630 Arthroscopy Leg Holder is a low profile and easy to use holder that fits into any clark socket rail with simple velcro release and fixation of the leg during arthroscopic procedures.

The RLH 630 Leg Holder may be used with any standard Tourniquet cuffs and simply adjusts to any size leg. The RLH 630 Leg Holder is radiolucent in design.

TP 300 TELOS O.R. Support

The TELOS Universal O.R. Support is an excellent alternative to an arthroscopic specific leg holder.

The TELOS OR Support may be placed in the clark socket holder on any O.R. table and locked into position to allow the leg to lay on the cushion support. It allows for easy manipulation of the leg and more importantly, after the arthroscopic procedure, allows for easy removal. One knob releases the TP 300 from its fixed position.


  • Arm Support
  • Anesthesia Arm Board
  • Radiolucent Hand/Wrist Board

Other Supports Available