The QUAD MEMODYN is a low profile, four leg fixation implant that provides dynamic compression on three planes.

The MEMODYN is a shape memory alloy (nitinol) that once implanted, provides dynamic compression at the fusion or osteotomy site. The QUAD MEMODYN works under the same characteristics as the MEMODYN but has four legs and an open top for additional fixation.

The open top of the QUAD MEMODYN allows the MEMODYN to provide compression on top of the fusion site, as well as the four legs compressing the joint together.


Foot and Ankle

  • Lapidus Procedure
  • Navicular-cunieform fusion
  • Calcaneo-cuboid Joint Arthrodesis during a Triple Arthrodesis

Hand and Wrist

  • CMC Joint Arthrodesis
  • Four Corner Wrist Fusion with Trapezoid MEMODYN


  1. Temporary fixation of the fusion/osteotomy site
  2. Pre-Drill four holes using the Quad Drill Guide. There is a specific Quad Drill Guide for each size QUAD MEMODYN (2.5 mm or 3.0 mm).
  3. Implant the QUAD MEMODYN using the provided impactor.
  4. Tap or firmly push the QUAD MEMODYN so that it sits flush to each bone surface.

The QUAD MEMODYN gives you dynamic compression with single implantation and strong fixation compared to "static" compression of a plate or screws.