Telos SD 900 Stress Device

The TELOS SD 900 Stress Device is utilized for standardized and quantitative stress examinations of the ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder.

SD 900 Telos Stress Device

The TELOS Device has been utilized worldwide since 1978. The SD 900 TELOS device is more accurate, lightweight and more comfortable for the patient. The TELOS SD 900 Stress Device provides a known amount of pressure that is illuminated by an LED readout, which allows the user to determine exactly the amount of stress applied to the joint. Holding the patient in the stressed position enables the user to standardize, both pre and post operative, the stress radiograph exam.

TELOS SD 900 allows for stress exams of the Ankle (Anterior Drawer/Lateral, Talar Tilt/AP, Syndesmosis Joint and Subtalar Joint), Knee (Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Posterior Cruciate Ligament and Collateral Ligaments), Elbow (Ulnar Collateral Ligament), and Shoulder (Glenohumeral Joint, both anterior and posterior stress applications).

TELOS SD 900 Stress Device